Welcome to the New Mars Society of Canada!

Wanted: Mars enthusiasts with an ability to lead and a passion for public outreach, Mars advocacy or Mars Science

After years of suspended animation, the Mars Society of Canada (MSC) is ready to be re-enabled with a new website and organizational tools. However, to make any of this work, we need Mars enthusiasts and professionals to step forward to rebuild this organization into something that can serve a purpose for Canadians.

Glenn Scott has stepped forward to take the lead to redevelop the MSC website and make it a focus for any discussion about the rebirth of this organization.  The website includes many administrative tools that will be necessary to keep it organized, dynamic and useful for future members. However, being located in the Arctic, Glenn isn’t in a good position to take the lead on building an active society.  It will take more than just an electronic presence. It will take other people to step forward and volunteer their time and effort and take responsibility for the many functions that make an organization work.

Glenn’s initial goal to is locate people willing to fill the following volunteer roles at the national level:

  • President & Chair
  • Advocacy & Outreach Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator

At the local level, we’ll need at least three coordinators for local chapters.  Meetings are, afterall, where real grassroots educating, networking and fun take place!

Once these people have made a commitment, we will incorporate ourselves as a non-profit, expand our membership drive and formulate strategies for future activities and research.

If you’ve got questions, ideas or are ready to volunteer your time to help with this, please contact Glenn.

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