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Chapter meeting
The Winnipeg Chapter holds its monthly meetings in Winnipeg, but membership is open to all residents of Manitoba.
Chapter meetings are held the last Friday of each month. To join the Winnipeg Chapter, send an email to or just show up at the next meeting. To become a member of the Mars Society, click on Join Now. There are no dues for chapter membership, and individuals who have not purchased a membership are welcome to attend.

Next monthly meeting:
Tuesday, October 25, 2016, at 7:00pm
Millennium Library downtown. In a tutorial room. Ask at the desk on the second floor.

Winnipeg Projects
Web pages for several projects have been created. These projects are also available to all members of the Mars Society. The Existing Russian rockets web page is informational, but all other projects are intended for member participation. The projects are:

  • Mars chemistry set - developing a student's kit to conduct many of the chemistry described on this website
  • MCP spacesuit - to promote the club and demonstrate what is Mechanical Counter Pressure, we're making an analogue suit for demonstrations
  • Dish array Deep Space ground station - an array of surplus analogue satellite TV dishes to receive data from NASA probes orbiting Mars
  • Ion engine - a reduced size version of NASA's ion engine, intended for a micromission probe to Mars
  • Greenhouse - soil simulant and enclosure; design an inflatable structure for Mars that can grow plants on Earth in winter
  • Chloroplast - designing a biochemical machine to manufacture carbohydrate using photosynthesis
To join a project, click Projects at the top of the page, then select the project you want. Each project has a separate group.
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